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Gold PackageStay Interview Expert Certification

The Stay Interview Expert Certification course brings a proven approach with engaging online training to improving employee retention and engagement.  Implement Stay Interviews in the most effective approach so that your employees stay longer and work harder, all while advancing your company and your career.

This program provides you with every tool you need to bring Stay Interviews to your company.   Included are the five components of Finnegan’s Arrowsm, (1) placing dollar values on turnover and engagement to gain your executive team’s total support, (2) setting retention goals for leaders on all levels, (3) then implementing Stay Interviews followed by (4) leaders forecasting how long each employee will stay along with their next engagement score, and (5) those leaders then becoming accountable for both achieving their goals and developing accurate forecasts.

Complete this course to become a certified Stay Interview Expert, cut employee turnover, and improve employee engagement.

Managing the Stay Interview Course - GoldStay Interview Manager Training

The online Stay Interview Manager course provides the training and guide you can immediately use to conduct a one-on-one Stay Interview conversation with each direct report to identify why each employee stays, why they might leave, and what you can do to make a difference in their productivity and engagement.   This conversation builds trust, the most important competency for employee engagement and retention.  Short videos demonstrate the best way to conduct an effective Stay Interview and a downloadable Stay Interview guide provides everything you need including opening and closing scripts, the 5 proven key Stay Interview questions from the Stay Interview expert Dick Finnegan, optional probing questions, and a template for creating a Stay Plan.

If you are frustrated by too many employees quitting on short notice, and then waiting weeks for replacements, the Stay Interview Manager training course will provide you the training and tools to build trusting relationships with each of your direct reports. This course is designed for you as a manager to improve employee retention, increase employee engagement, and as a result improve productivity and your bottom-line financial results.

calculatorCalculating the Cost of Turnover

This course will provide you with each step to calculate a cost of turnover, enabling you to present turnover’s real dollar costs to your executive team. Turnover is usually reported in percentages whereby the language of CEOs is dollars. ‘Speaking CEO’ leads to top-level support for the right retention solutions. You will learn to convert turnover to dollars to determine the cost of turnover for positions in your organization. The course includes a tool to identify the elements of the cost of turnover for your organization. You will receive unlimited use of an online Cost of Turnover calculator along with a how-to-use video. Understanding the true cost of turnover and it’s impact on the bottom line causes executives to proactively take action to cut employee turnover.