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How Bad Managers Drive Turnover

  Is it just a coincidence that the worst managers usually blame their employee turnover on pay? Not enough staff? HR recruits ineffective workers? That leaders with bad management styles see employees’ reasons for leaving as every possible one but…

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The New Phrase for Stopping Turnover: Business-Driven

Everything we’ve been taught about employee retention is wrong. Turnover keeps ramping up, now at its all-time high. Engagement keeps keeping on, a nice way to say our workers haven’t increased their efforts during this decade. Just as steady has…

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Marketing Professional, Debbie Laskey, Supports Stay Interviews

Original Article: One Secret to Employee Engagement: The Stay Interview There's an old saying in business that people don't leave companies, they leave managers or bosses. So how does a company keep quality people? How do you motivate and inspire…

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Richard Finnegan Featured on

Original Article: THE conventional wisdom about how to retain employees goes something like this: The HR department does surveys to try to find out what employees want. If they say they want more recognition, you establish Employee of the Week/Month/Year…

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How to Fix CEOs’ Top Worry: Employee Turnover

  The picture is clear but bleak. Historic low unemployment plus a continuing growing economy means current employee turnover solutions are obsolete. Sprinkle in a new tax law that flushes companies with new money to spend on added factories, distribution…

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4 Missing Pieces From Your Employee Engagement Program

Jump To:Engagement Survey Myths | Missing Piece #1 | Missing Piece #2 | Missing Piece #3 | Missing Piece #4 | The Solution: Stay InterviewsOur clients have shared so many frustrations about their employee engagement surveys that I’ve reached this…

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The Original SI5 and Why They Still Matter

  One hundred percent of recent CEO surveys say CEOs’ greatest obstacle is about people…can’t find ‘em, can’t engage ‘em, can’t keep ‘em. The “can’t keep ‘em” problem has been increasing for the past eight years, whereas employee engagement has…

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Employee Engagement Issues? Use These 10 Tips to Get Managers Engaged

By Dick Finnegan Most companies spend a great amount of time and money to make sure employees are fully committed each day to giving their all to help the organization succeed. But polls show that employee engagement has hardly budged…

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Stop Millennial Employee Turnover!

By Dick Finnegan High millennial employee turnover saps us of the talent they bring and the training we’ve given them…but then, you know this and live with it every day. We must reduce turnover to leverage the talent they bring…

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