The New Phrase for Stopping Turnover: Business-Driven

Everything we’ve been taught about employee retention is wrong.

Turnover keeps ramping up, now at its all-time high. Engagement keeps keeping on, a nice way to say our workers haven’t increased their efforts during this decade. Just as steady has been our approach to “fix” these massive business problems…(1) survey, (2) develop actions plans, (3) implement across-the-board employee programs, (4) re-survey, (5) re-do this same process over again in a year or so. With absolutely no improvement.

Those who think this is the only way are stuck in darkness. It’s time for very fresh thinking, with a track record that proves this fresh thinking works. Enter Finnegan’s Arrow…and business-driven solutions.

Data is everywhere that says the #1 reason employees stay or leave…or engage or disengage…is how much they trust their boss. Yet many executives as well as leaders on every level say “That’s true for me but not for everyone”. Or worse, “Young people today only care about money…or not working hard”. Here’s the fact: Trusting your boss IS important for everybody.

The hard part is how do you fix this. Trust-building courses don’t work because they don’t provide leaders with an immediate application experience, a proactive way to build trust with their teams. But Stay Interviews do.

how to solve employee turnover in 2018 infographic


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See in the infographic from the Finnegan Institute that the retention and engagement magic Stay Interviews bring must be surrounded by business-driven processes. We’ve known for decades that salespeople are driven by dollars, goals, tools, forecasts, and accountability. Flip that same model for leaders to engage and retain their teams and you get Finnegan’s Arrow, our fresh-thinking, business-driven solution for employee retention and engagement.

CEOs say in every survey today their greatest worry is people.

Contact the Finnegan Institute today at (844) RETAIN-U (738-2468) to learn how we can help you implement our proven business-driven retention processes that cut turnover and improve engagement.

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